The Breezy Hill Baptist Church AWANA Club offers each clubber an excellent opportunity to learn God's Word and apply it to their life. The Club offers a balance of Mental preparation through memorization, Physical preparation and teamwork through specially designed AWANA" games, and Spiritual preparation through Bible based messages. All of which are designed to help each child as they go through the most important time of "growing up" and learning to make their own decisions.

Club opportunities include:

  • A personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Training in Bible truths
  • A love and respect for Gods Word
  • Special awards and trophies
  • Field trips
  • Special outings
  • AWANA Grand Prix & Cubbie 500
  • Special activities and treats each Sunday night
  • Chance to earn special prizes
  • .. And a whole lot MORE !!!

Thank you for allowing us the chance to minister to your child ! !

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely, Jerry Hughes AWANA Commander