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Cost: $100

July 29th- Aug. 2nd

Breezy Hill Bible Camp is a ministry of Breezy Hill Baptist Church. Our camp is specially designed for young people ages 8-12 years old. Our well trained staff's goal is to reach young people for Christ through fun and exciting activities. Many campers have made life changing decisions over the years.

Drop off is Monday July 29th at 8:00 AM and pick up is Friday Aug. 2nd at 5:00 PM.

Activities: swimming, riding our giant water slide, water zip-line, kayaking, making crafts, playing fun games, eating delicious food and Bible lessons.

What to bring: Bible, pen/pencil, swimsuit (no bikinis please), beach towel, swimsuit cover up, sun screen, tennis shoes, sandals/flipflops, sleeping bag/bedding for twin mattress, pillow, blanket, bath towel, wash rag, toiletries, and flashlight. 

What not to bring: magazines/books; cell phone; weapons, radios/CD players/MP3 players; clothing with offensive advertisements, graphics, and language

We look forward to having you join us for an awesome week! If you have any questions please email us at office@breezyhill.net or call us at (803) 663-7037 



Please fill out the entirety of the form and for everything that applies to your child. Be aware, in order to confirm your spot in camp the form and payment have to be completed. Once you have submitted your form you will be redirected to the payment checkout. 

Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Address *
Parent/Guardian *
Cell/Text *
Allergies *
Check those that apply to this camper
Our kitchen prepares delicious and healthy meals that are well balanced. Be sure that your child is ready to explore various foods. We can work with some medically prescribed diets but do not cater to individual food preferences. Inform the nursing staff if you have special concerns or questions.
All immunizations must be current unless stated why below and/or supporting document attached. Please make sure your child has had a tetanus and or booster within the last 10 years.
Month and Year of last tetanus shot:
Month and Year of last tetanus shot:
Please list any health concerns that pertain to this camper and describe how you handle this at home.
This camper has no chronic health concerns and is capable of full participation in the program.
Physician's Phone Number *
Physician's Phone Number
Provide additional information about your child's health that may have been neglected on this form. We are particularly interested in information that has impact upon your child's ability to fully participate in our program. Attach information as needed.
By selecting the check box below you agree to the following items: I give permission for my son/daughter to attend Breezy Hill Bible Camp. In the event that my child is injured or in need of medical attention, I give permission to the camp director and/or nurse to secure the appropriate medical attention and to secure whatever care is necessary; including first aid, hospitalization, surgery, and/or anesthesia, for his/her safety and well-being. *
Also, I agree to take full responsibility for my child's health. If it is deemed necessary (in the opinion of the camp nurse and/or director for the health and safety of the camp that my child be removed; I will come and get him/her immediately. Breezy Hill Baptist Church reserves the right to deny admission due to health and communicable related issues. *
I will not hold Breezy Hill Baptist Church or any of the camp staff responsible for any accident, injury, or illness that should occur. The camp staff will also notify you immediately of any such occurance. I acknowledge that any photography taken during the week including my child may be used at the discretion of Breezy Hill Bible Camp. I have read, agree to, and reviewed the following information with my child. *
MEDICATION: "Medication is any substance a person takes to maintain and/or improve his/her health and includes vitamins and homeopathic remedies.
Medications listed below will be dispensed according to age/weight dosages as directed. They are used to manage minor illness and injury. Select any medications that your child should not be given:
I give permission for any above listed medication to be given in the absence of a registered nurse. *
This camper will take the following medication(s) while attending camp. Bring enough of each med to last the entire week. ALL medication must arrive in appropriately labeled pharmacy containers as prescribed.
Time to be given:
Check all that apply
Time to be given:
Check all that apply
Time to be given
Check all that apply